1) Thankful for mud and a waterbutt – hours of entertainment for two young boys.

2) Thankful for the sunshine.

3) Thankful for a lovely family friday fun night with homemade gourmet pizza and Lost and Found DVD.

4) Thankful for peaceful co-ordinated quiet time/nap from the boys today.


thought for the day

Acts 10 Peter visiting Cornelius

The circumcised beleivers who had come with Peter were astonished that the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out even on Gentiles.

Let us be thankful that the Holy Spirit was poured out on Gentiles so that we too could be included. And let us not forget that God was not bound by limits and borders then and now. Let us celebrate when we encounter the work of the Holy Spirit in lives we may not have expected. Our job as with Peter is to speak the good news and let the Holy Spirit come and go where He goes and do His work of redemption.


1) Thankful for a wonderful time at Croome National Trust Park today.

2) Thankful that youngest has gone to sleep tonight at the first time of asking – we waited till 9:30pm!

3) Thankful for online shopping that came promptly with a very cheery driver despite the rain.

4) Thankful that Mark got to go to his evening lecture this evening.

thankfulness for the 29th

1) Thankful for eldest’s ENT apt that went really well – waiting for surgery.

2) Thankful for freezer meals.

3) Thankful for train tracks and hours of entertainment on a wet day.

4) Thankful for the comfort of toasted sandwiches.

thought for the day

Acts 10:9-16

Peter’s vision of meat from heaven

The voice spoke to him a second time.’Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.’

Yes the Jews were given laws to keep themselves pure and distinct from others but the law itself could not save them. Let us not be so caught up in laws that we miss God’s redeeming work of making all things pure. Once those of us from Gentile backgrounds would have been regarded by God’s people as impure and unclean. Christ has redeemed us and made us clean. Let us not restrict God’s work of redemption and restoration today with a list of rules into which grace cannot be extended.


1) Thankful that two boys were asleep in their beds by 8pm.

2) Thankful for dear friends who have reached the 12 week milestone.

3) Thankful for being able to order a monthly online shop to come Thursday.

4) Thankful for the chance to catch up with Elaine on skype this evening. Been way way to long.