thought for the day

Acts 9:1-6

Saul blinded on the road to Damscaus.

Who are you Lord? I am Jesus whom you are persecuting…he replied.

How often do I look for people like me, avoiding others. I make assumptions as to who might be open to the good news or not? I do not look at people as made in the image of God but rather as potential people I might get along with easily. Saul’s actions did not cause him to be cast aside by God. God saw Saul and saw His image behind the zealous shield of laws and rules and murder. Jesus disarmed Saul in his tracks and spoke with him. Saul laid aside his laws, not his character and became passionate for the good news that he had once tried to stamp out. It didn’t mean people were not initally afraid or unsure of him, they had good grounds to have once feared him but he now preached Jesus to all.

There may be some unlikely person in your life that you avoid sharing the gospel with because it seems so improbable that they may respond, but let God be the decider of that.


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