1) Thankful for Mark willing to take oldest to study this morning, making one young boy very happy.

2) Thankful for Mark being at home this afternoon to share the walks for a croupy youngest son.

3) Thankful for online sainsbury deliveries.

4) Thankful for blue sky at times today.


thought for the day

Some times the thing we least like or want to happen is the best thing for us. Bathing gunky sticky closed eyes and being put in hot steamy baths is not fun for little boys but its the best way to start the day and be able to see and breath more easily when we wake up full of congestion and conjunctivitis.


1) Thankful for playing Settlers with oldest this afternoon.

2) Thankful for Mark coming home early this afternoon to help with two congested, coldy, conjunctivitis filled boys.

3) Thankful for Mark’s supervisior today saying that all was on track with his studies, as he has given up time regularly recently to be at home to help with the boys.

4) Thankful for the cross and resurrection and for redemption and restoration before bedtime and that tomorrow is a new day.

thought for the day

Matthew 5:21-24

So often we categorise sin into the terrible evils and the socially acceptable. But Jesus does not let us do that. There is no room for division between brothers. We are not to belittle others and if we know there is a division of unity between ourselves and others we are to take the first step and be reconciled. It is not easy, it can be costly, it can be painful but in Christ we are called to seek reconciliation. To not settle for division which allows for bitterness and anger to grow. This is why the words of Paul in Ephesians have become one of my main prayers for us as a family and for our boys for each other. Unity and reconcilation takes work, work that God knows it is going to take, but still calls us to and so we can be confident He will be with us in it.

Eph 4 – with all humility, gentleness, with patience bearing with one another in love, make every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.



1) Thankful for Mark being at home today.

2) Thankful for free prescriptions for children. Oldest seemed to react badly to first set of eye drops, happier with second type this evening.

3) Thankful for time to potter in our local charity shop and pick up some good things.

4) Thankful that a friend got a 2nd interview. They have walked a long road.


1) Thankful for the first happy Monday this term.

2) Thankful for beans, egg and toast when the soup went wrong at dinner.

3) Thankful for chats with a dear friend who should have been asleep on the otherside of the word but wasn’t so we got to touch base briefly.

4) Thankful for the giggles coming from oldest watching Paddington, even it is way past his bedtime but a late afternoon nap put pay to that.