1) Thankful for two boys who coped with the whole day’s adventure exceptionally well.

2) Thankful for the Minor Injury Unit at Tewkesbury hospital as youngest decided to fall just as we were heading out for eldest’s eye apt at Tewkesbury Hospital and needed glueing together.

3) Thankful for a prompt delivery of our March online shop and for eldest’s help in putting it all away this evening.

4) Thankful for the creative ways God provides for our needs.


Thought for the day

Sometimes God invites us to know what it is like to neither slumber or sleep.

Why does it have to be the day when Mark needs to be out the house at 7:15am and I need to get the boys to Tewkesbury by bus for eldest’s eye apt?


1) Thankful for a morning with a friend and a massage, while Mark was with the boys.

2) Thankful for the sunshine this afternoon.

3) Thankful for a new book arriving in the post today, a reminder of grace in the everydayness of small children.

4) Thankful for the wonderful aroma of freshly made granola weaving its way through our home this evening.

thought for the day

Romans 4:1-5

Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness.

So often work is easier than believe but it is believing in all that God has done for us that clothes me in righteousness, not the works of my hands. The works of my hands need to flow from my faith not be my faith. Help me Lord on the days when believing is something I take for granted because all is well to remember what I am believeing in and to be thankful for all that You have done so that when the hard times come I do not hide behind a business of work but rather rest in You, Your promises and simply believe.


1) Thankful for a great skype call with dear friends in the States. So good to catch up and hear their news.

2) Thankful for a really lovely helpful lady on the other end of the Sainsbury helpline when my online order went pearshaped.

3) Thankful for a fun afternoon with the boys creating instruments and singing our hearts out to God with the help of Casting Crowns; eldest boy’s choice of CD for his quiet time.

4) Thankful for God’s provision in creative ways.

thought for the day

Genesis 17:1-7

..for I have made you a father of many nations. I will make you fruitful, I will establish my everlasting covenant to be your God.

God calls Abram to walk faithfully before Him for He has already acted on His promise and despite no son yet, He has made Abram a father of nations.  We too can walk confidently before God, confident that He has done what He has promised us. He so loved the world that He gave His Son so that whoever believes may have life. We can have life because Jesus has died on the cross and been raised to new life. And as Abram walked faithfully before God into the promise of being a father of nations we too can walk faithfully before God into the new life He has promised us.


1) Thankful for a wonderful chaotic, fun, creative and full first day of homeschool. It seemed fitting that our craft we made were shields for my two young knights out to protect the good, as I was reminded in my Bible reading that God is our shield.

2) Thankful for the lives of two ladies who died in the course of the day, my great aunt who was 94, and a friend of ours from Guildford.

3) Thankful for our marriage.

4) Thankful being able to get an online shopping order done at short notice for this week, forgot that Feb was a short month.