reflections on our home learning journey 17 & 18/2 and into our week off

So Friday evenings and reflection and writing have not happened either intentionally or through a lack of smooth running evenings. Life has felt up in the air, on hold and confusing for the most part and with that comes tiredness and uncertainty of what to write if anything.

We have been looking for a new home locally for various reasons and no door has opened for us. We have reached a new stage in parenting where Sunday lunch times after church feel like a space to spend time with friends and opening our home to others which my heart has delighted in being able to do once more. We are no longer trying to rush to time naps and meals times so as not to have significant knock on effects during the day. The boys are tolerating and discovering they can enjoy Mummy’s desire to invite guests over and Kanga loves to play to the audience who seem only too willing to encourage her.

Learning has been focused around science, thanks to the great BBC documentaries on i-player and history by listening to Story of the World CDs which we have just got. We have also kept our grammar ticking over and maths has come into everyday life events. Sports days have carried on as has nature walks and a day at the museum. New friendships are being made as another family from our village has joined our group. And some of the mums from our group even managed an evening get together which was a real treat.

All 3 but in particular Bob and Kanga have wanted to help with meal preparations over the last while. This is great on days when all is running smoothly and I long for everyday to be like that. There are other days when our tempers alone could cook the meals. Zog is usually lost in his world of colouring and numbers with letters being a completely unnecessary interruption in his otherwise creative day. If I do bring letters into his day he would far rather tell me how many sides or lines make up the letter than tell me what the letter is, so I am just hoping that behind this numerical front something is going in and being filed away and he will use when he is ready to.

Musical beds has been a theme of late also in our house and late nights. This has had a gradually increasing knock on effect to our days hence learning through audio and documentary to keep us all on an even keel and keep some structure of learning on board. Sleep disruption has come about because Bob has been battling a painful left hip. His limp has gone but the pain has remained and nights are often the hardest for him as he cannot get comfortable. It all started just over two weeks ago when he woke up on the Saturday morning in pain and limping without wanting to put any weight on his leg. We thought he must have pulled a muscle even though none of us could pin point a moment of injury that might have led to it happening. As he was still in the same state on the Sunday morning I checked with friends thanks to the wonders of Facebook and the advise from a GP friend and physio friend was to get it checked out as there was no injury. Following X-rays he was referred for an appointment two days later at the fracture clinic where we were told that his left femur at the top which should be nice and spherical to form the ball part of the ball and socket joint was flat. We were told this could just be one of those things or it could be a condition known as Perthes Disease which we had never heard of and to come back in two weeks time. From the reading we have done no two doctors seem to have the same opinion on diagnosis/treatment of Perthes and that became apparent today as he was seen by a 2nd doctor. The first doctor was happy for him to carry on with all physical activity and if it turns out to be Perthes they would deal with issues that arose. Today’s doctor said that it was so hard to give a definite diagnosis as it has so many manifestations of the condition and each individual was different but was less confident in just letting him do sport and wants him seen again by the paediatric orthopaedic clinic. So we are no further on with a definite diagnosis and while he is weight bearing again, he is in pain most of the time. He finds being active helps him forget about it but he did confess after a fairly major melt down this afternoon after sports that it was then more painful following activities. As I have mentioned before he is also our book worm and is having to work hard to find a position that is comfy enough to be in to read. So the history CDs have been great because in moving about and shuffling about he has not had to worry about holding a book and not losing the page he was on and can just let his mind drift. Having had my own battles as a teenager with painful knees I am struggling to watch my 6 year old deal with bone on bone pain.

So I am trying to balance our days with alternating active and quiet and there is a definite reduction in the amount of pain medicine Bob asks for on quieter days but he wrestles with being at home. I am letting go of our timetable of lessons and my tick box in a big way. I am on the look out for those moments which can be turned into learning moments with out spoiling the moment, of seeing board games as a means of learning and reinforcing skills without needing to specify that we are learning a specific new skill, lesson. I am going to have to learn ways of teaching around his difficulty to sit and concentrate for any length of time. There is also a big journey to help him walk through in learning how to handle this situation whatever the diagnosis and length of time it is going to last for. Once more I have been reminded the learning at home is so very different from learning at school and so the way maths and writing etc are brought in looks very different to a school day and that that is ok.



2 comments on “reflections on our home learning journey 17 & 18/2 and into our week off

  1. Adele says:

    I’m so sorry he’s in such pain! I hope they have answers for you soon. Very interesting as always to read your reflections. And reassuring to me to remember that learning at home happens in different ways at different times, depending on what else is going on.

    • thank you Adele and yes I had the same thought when I read yours after writing our reflection about how it happens differently at different times and differently to the system we have opted out of. Glad I am not the only one who needs to remind myself of that.

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