reflections on our home learning journey 16/2




photos thanks to Emma and Bethan. ( I had left my camera in the car)


Winter weather has finally arrived with crisp blue skies and the need for layers and hats and scarves. We have made the most of the out door weather with den building at a friend’s small holding over looking the flooded River Severn and cooked toast and marshmallows on the campfire. We have learnt about the marine live off the Florida coast thanks to one of home ed group’s recent trips home to grandparents. We have spent hours at Pitville Park with friends enjoying the space to let physical and creative selfs run free. We have gazed at the stars thanks to the clear crisp skies at night at long last.

We have curled up with hot chocolate and good books. We have played lots of silly word games as Zog loves the sound of words. We have discovered that doing maths on a  white board removes the constraints workbooks have for requiring answers in small spaces and the need to work left to right which gets frustrating when left handed. We have discovered that in fact we do know lots of maths facts and can take on multiple digit addition and subtraction with ease and confidence and speed when the space to work it out is not restricted.

We have sat with tension watching the live space walk until the work was done and breathed a big breath of relief when the two astronauts were safely back inside the ISS again. Bob’s tension reduced when they got their task done, mine when they were safely back inside. We have learnt about the pressure our bodies endure when we push the boundaries of exploration up and down through the programmes ‘To Boldly Go’. I concluded if I was forced to go one way or the other that I was heading to space, diving seemed far more risky and unappealing when learning that the divers working in the rigs in the North Sea go down for a month at a time as it takes a week to decompress safely and that we can get folk back from space far quicker (a matter of hours) than we can from the bottom of the North Sea (minimum is 5 days).

We have not had enough sleep, we have played musical beds. We have explored new tastes and decided that some new things might in fact be quite edible and enjoyable. We had a day off lessons because it was my birthday on Tuesday and the joy of learning at home means that birthdays can count as days off lessons. Well that is what Bob told the lady at the shoe shop when buying Zog new fleece lined wellies and I saw no reason to disagree.

I am letting go once again of my completer finisher/ tick the box need within me to allow learning to be fun and explorative. To remind myself that one reason for learning at home is not so we simply re do school at home but that we are providing a different environment and way of learning. We don’t have to finish something just because that is the next chapter in a certain text book. We have considered lots about the Atlantic (another nod of thanks to the BBC and Iplayer) and worked out that as the ISS and the space walkers are going over the coast of Brazil that means they are looking down on the South Atlantic and what marine life might be there.

Its been a week when subjects have merged and life is learnt about. Its been a great week even if learning has felt at times like it is in free fall. Horizons have been expanded and new possibilities dreamt up. And nothing beats den building and toast fresh from the campfire with friends.







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