Light sightings day 1

A friend has taken to taking photos of what she is calling ‘light sightings’ to help her give thanks rather than complain about the dark uncertain times. That thought resonated deep within me as we continue asking and wondering what and where is next for us as a family. A couple of years back I tried to post three things each day I was thankful for and so this year I want to continue cultivating a heart of thankfulness once more but in borrowing my friend’s term light sightings I hope to remind more of my senses to be open to God at work around me even if they are not always reflected here in a photo.

  1. The intentional or not gift of the 1st of January to a renewed sense of hope and possibilities. To holding onto God’s promises once more with anticipation rather than end of year weariness.
  2. A new two volume set of daily prayers for Mark and I to share as we look forward. Thanks to Kath and Kevin for the voucher that let us treat ourselves to this beautiful collection of daily prayers/readings.
  3. For the joy of colouring and for a new collection of grace moments to colour thanks to my mum in law. Both the joy of slowing down and reflecting and seeing something bright emerge but also the gift of time with our sons as they join me to colour. Moments of peace together.
  4. DSCN3502DSCN3501

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