reflections on our home learning journey week 14/2

It is the end of term. I cannot believe we got here but we did. We celebrated with friends this afternoon and then on into town to meet Mark after work to have the now traditional end of term supper at Waitrose. The three of them love it. Only last night they had been wondering if it would happen this year. Their squeals of delight when they read the activity card for today and learnt it was going to be a meal at Waitrose was worth it even if it was early morning.

The Advent calendar is a big indicator of how far we have come in the past year as Bob now reads the Bible verses and activities whereas last year he would look at it, maybe say a word or two and hand it to us, but now he goes down early with the others eager to read it for them and is also working on his 3 times tables as that let him know which day he was doing himself.

While I had initially planned Christmas themed activities for this last week it got taken over with Tim Peake’s trip to the International Space Station. So Tuesday we spent a lot of time watching the launch, docking and hatch opening events and other space science programmes connected to it all. Bob got full kitted out in his all in one weather gear, closest we had to space gear and then squashed himself into our backpack to pretend he was in the Soyuz capsule. He decided after 30 mins he would just do an imaginary 6 hour trip to the ISS when I indicated how long he would have to be there if he really wanted to be there for the entire flight. In the midst of all that Mark had his viva and successfully defend his PhD thesis. One days the children will be able to acknowledge what that meant but for them this week has all been about space and space travel with some Star Wars thrown in.

We also completed our first year of grammar which was nicely timed and will begin the next year in January. It was encouraging to see how many of the poems we have learnt over the year he has remembered when he had to recite them for his final lesson.

I am hoping to take time over our two week break to give some thought to how we go forward in the new year, so that all 3 get more balanced attention and one on one time. It will mean encouraging Bob to become more independent in some of his work so that he can be set tasks while I do other work with the younger two. I also want to rework our living spaces as I had not envisioned that we would still be here at this point and we need to rethink how we make it work for living as a home learning family.

For now though it is time to unwind, breathe and celebrate Christmas before embarking on a new term and the need to start planning for the year ahead, in particular as I am realising that Zog has very different ways of learning and so need to reconsider the early years material for him in a way that will hold his attention.

Till 2016.





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