reflections from our home learning week 32

Some weeks just do not go as planned – this week’s interruptions to normal schedule were me being hit hard by a cold and Zog falling and giving his knees a new look and shape (thankfully just soft tissue swelling). A day in bed to rest allowed me to get a head start on next years planning and buying books which I always enjoy. We have also jumped on Bob’s passion for being out in the garden and tidied up the flower tubs and planted sunflower seeds and today the boys planted up hanging baskets with Nana. Bob has also been enjoying watching gardening programmes this week which has been a blessing as I have kept the makers of tissues in business. He is also somewhat overtired and frustrated having tried on numerous evenings to stay up late enough to see Venus having watched a programme on it but as it is not dark till late he is falling asleep without seeing it but later than normal.

Photos have captured my reflections this week in contrast to the lack of photos the past few weeks. They include the garden and nature walk. The final one with framed photos is the result of Bob’s wildlife photography lesson a few weeks back.




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