reflections on our home learning 30

This has been a week that reminded me why we are doing learning this way and how much fun it can be and how some weeks do go really well. I still have some way to go on working out how to navigate lessons with Kanga as she is now mainly only having one nap after lunch. I am trying to tie that in with the boys quiet time so that I also get some rest time in the day as that makes a big difference to the way the afternoon goes. Her lessons this week have had a numerical theme to them with counting to 60 (that is listening to me count) numerous times on the stairs for certain actions of hers, mainly toward to her younger older brother.

Maths, reading, grammar, writing, history, science, French, out-door time, crafts, nature, forest school and conquering cycling have all had a look in this week and been encouraging times. It was great to see Bob decide to get his bike out this week after a break from it and just take off by himself and also be able to control it and stop when needed. His shoes may not last long with his style of stopping but to be fair to him that has more to do with the brakes needing sorting than his lack of use of them.

It has been great fun reading Greek Myths with him, reading a page each. The book we are reading at present is with lovely illustrations. We are also reading a chapter books to him at bedtime though I suspect that he is carrying on reading after we have left as he often seems to know what is coming once we read the book the next day.  Bob’s love of history continues and all play takes on some form of the period of history we are in. We seem to have been in the Greeks for a long time but he is loving every minute of it. He has been after a Greek soldiers outfit for ages so we finally got to making one this week following his detailed plans based on the various books we have.


Scribing maths and his science and history reports for him based on his narration has boosted his confidence and motivation to learn now that the pressure is off him for writing at the moment. As soon as any writing comes along then the attitude changes but I just need to remind myself that last week when he was so angry about the motorcyclist in the park he came home and wrote to the police so I know he can do it when he wants to and it is about something that matters to him. The outcome of that letter was a visit from the police last weekend with a letter for him thanking him for his letter and a goodie bag which in the moment saw Bob go very quiet but afterwards he stayed up needing to make his police lego van once they went. Of course the moment the police choose to visit was 15 mintues before Sabbath dinner was ready and as is want with young boys clothes were somewhat lacking by that point in the day and Zog and Kanga had entertained themselves quietly by finding all the shallots and onions and peeling them leaving a lovely floor covering.

It is also that time of year that I along with many other families are looking out for what books we will use next year which I always enjoy. Next year I Bob will do a mix of year 1 and 2 as alot of the material we use is from the States and so we have done a mix of levels for here and there. I will also do some more ‘structured’ activities with Zog using which we also used with Bob and he loved. Zog has had access to the material this year and loves them but it has all been in a free style way and so I will look to be more intentional with activities with him. All in all we are still willing to keep going along this journey and seeing what opportunites come along next year wherever we may find ourselves calling home


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