reflections on our home learning journey 28

Spring has sprung and with thanks to the survey request from the BBC Easter Special Springwatch Bob has been making sure we have not missed any of the signs of spring. I have always enjoyed watching as spring comes forth but seen through the attentive eyes and hands and words of small children it is so much richer and deeper than I could remember.

We have also been spoilt with summer like weather for the past couple of weeks and so this week has been very much a hands on week in nature for Bob. Monday saw us attend a Home Education picnic at a park and then Tuesday Bob went off with others for a picnic and nature walk and Thursday he was at a Home Ed day at a farm learning about lambing and today was his first session at a local Forest School. All this has been made possible by other mums giving him a lift to places for which I am very thankful and he has loved. It has given us a very different feel for our week when I have had extended time with Zog and Kanga which rarely happens. In some ways it has given me a taste of what it is like for those whose children go to school. And as Bob is a processer it will take until next week no doubt before all of this weeks experiences are expressed, we just need to be patient. And to finish his days off he has taken to winding down with Countryfile thanks to iplayer. In fact as I sit here and write he is watching Countryfile as he winds down from a full day with forest school, friends over for dinner and youth group this evening.

Zog is continuing his love and fascination with numbers and identifying number groupings. And just as Bob went through a phase of saying a word and needing to know what it began with Zog is now doing the same. Whereas Bob’s words were very historically rooted Zog’s are rooted in the world of animals and at present all horned african plains animals and I have to say I never knew there were so many different styles of horns. But I am now able to spot a Bison from a Buffalo from a Wilderbeest with the best of them.

Zog and Kanga have had lots of fun exploring our back garden and water play with complete abandonment which has been a delight to watch. It has been a week for Zog to rebalance himself as Bob has been off out more than usual and Zog has found that hard to work out playing as the eldest rather than following the lead of his hero Bob. Zog has also been stretching his legs and running everywhere be it outdoors or indoors. Just as Bob started talking and has never stopped, Zog who has always been our active boy has started to run rather than walk whenever he is on the move. The question now will be what activity will Kanga develop with no stop in sight.

It has been a week of learning out and about rather than at the desk and has done us all the world of good.


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