reflections on our home learning 27

Happy Easter to all of you. It has been a short week for lessons this week with a strong emphasis on Romans not that we have started Romans yet. Bob though got a book on Romans for his birthday and this week with his reading taking leaps each week he set about creating all a Roman solider would need for war with whatever cardboard and as much tape as possible. I still need to get some photos but at this point as soon as the camera appears Kanga goes crazy so photo taking has been limited.

I am also starting to browse material for next year and working out what we will need. This raises excitement but also many questions as we do not know where we will be come the fall.

Zog has been immersing himself ever deeper in the world of animals, in particular African Animals through his love of Tinga Tales – books and online. Zog is rarely to be found without his giraffe and bison in hand and French lessons are loved because there are toy zebras and tigers for him to play with. This means my brain is being stretched yet again, as well as learning all things historical for Bob, but as usual both boys are keen to share all they know and are learning and to quiz us on a regular basis to check we have been listening.

Zog is also stretching my quick fire responses to questions as he seems to have an answer for everything. Once this week when I was tying his shoes he stroked my hair and for a moment I thought he was being affectionate only for him to turn around and say ‘those would make great buffalo horns’ and when asked ‘what would?’ he responded ‘ those grey hairs’ and I replied that ‘those grey hairs where from having children’ and without a moment of hesitation he replied ‘ no mummy we gave you silver hair, the grey ones are because you are getting old’…… Then this evening staying up due to a power nap he had in the car this afternoon he has been quizzing Mark and I on the number of brains and lungs horned animals have and what a whole variety of animals eat. Having suggested that ants eat leaves he said that they couldn’t as they climb down not up trees. (why this would stop them eating leaves is yet to be explained if indeed that is correct) But when asked how did the ants get up the tree in order to climb down his response straight back was ‘that the eagles picked them up and dropped them in their nests from where they then climbed down the trees.’  On reflection I think Tinga Tales might have something to do with that response. I think we need make friends with a local vet for him though.

Right its been a short week and sleep has been short this week and this evening looks like being a long one so time for me to go and return to learning about animals.


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