reflections on our home learning 19

It seems as if January can be declared ‘written off’ if I am going by the planned and set out schedule that I drew up. This week’s interruptions have included ear ache for Bob which means no sleep for him, tonsillitis yet again for Zog (finally getting refered to the ENT team at the hospital) and miserable itching eczema from Kanga, two trips to the doctors and plenty of broken sleep for all and exhaustion. After another go slow day on Monday I panicked on Tuesday and tried to push Bob through some lessons but all that was accomplished was a very frustrated Bob and Mummy who both reacted in ways we later were sorry for and a grace filled moment was found on the bedroom floor as we owned up to our wrong doing and asked for forgiveness. We also managed to have a wonderful afternoon out that day with other homeschool friends at the park and enjoyed a milder day than a week ago. Wednesday we discovered on iplayer the joys of Winterwatch and have one more session to get caught up on. That has been the spring-board for all our learning for the rest of this week as Bob has made duplo cameras and role played being a wildlife camera man for the rest of the day, at times also re-enacted the flight or attempting to re-enacting the flight of the golden eagle and European eagle owl or scurrying around as a pine martin.  There has also been much lego building and the sight of Bob reading to Zog reassures me that he is learning despite the interruptions.

It has been one of those weeks when I have been reminded that how I react is how they learn to react to situations and so I need to take a deep hard look at my responses, but am thankful I am doing that with God and there is redemption and hope with Him. Also that the children are constantly learning and absorbing and while that sometimes means they are learning unhealthy reactions as mentioned they are also learning lots of great things about a whole variety of topics and interests even if the day has not included one ounce of my scheduled lesson plan, but then again why learn at home if we cannot be flexible and adjust to the season we find ourselves in. Another week when I have had much to learn and give thought to.


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