reflections on our home learning 18

It has been a week of the full mix finishing with a new set of colds for the younger members of our family. Moments of love and wonder and joy at the opportunity to home educate to moments (at times prolonged moments) of wondering where to find a boarding school all three could go to at moments notice. The blessing of writing these reflections lets me recall that in the midst of some tough moments there was lots of great learning and creativity going on with maths taking a knock so we may need to have some fun with numbers tomorrow. We are reading The Trumpet Swan this week and are enjoying that, partly helped along by seeing our swan family on our nature walk on Tuesday and seeing the four cygnets almost a year old now with their parents. They still have some grey feathers but they are looking more and more like adult swans now.

History on Wednesday led to a fun day making Phoenician trading ships and war ships which the boys have loved playing with. Am so glad I went with Bob’s spur of the moment creativity inspired by the pictures of the boats as we read about the Phoenicians. Thankfully he opted for making the boats and not trying to boil snails for 10 days as they did, mixed with lemon juice to obtain the purple dye they were known for.

Today was one of those days which was taken over by the need for the plumber come and sort out a radiator but that left us confined to the sitting room with no heat or water and not realising that the job would take 5 hours. Other plans would have been made if I had known in advance. Again Bob’s creativity came up trumps and he and Zog after lunch got out their ‘how to’ drawing books and created some fun art work. One thing I am learning this week is that in moments when I am feeling trapped and frustrated is to trust Bob’s creative ideas and run with them even if they take me out of my neat ordered comfort zone. Because on each occasion the day has been turned around in that moment and we have been able to move forward.

Those fore mentioned colds are interrupting sleep so I need to leave reflecting here for now.

DSCN2483 DSCN2486


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