reflections on our home learning 17

Another week draws to a close, though we do still have another day to go this week as we took time off this week. Having dived into lessons on Monday morning before heading to Praise and Play at church without taking into consideration the busyness of the weekend just gone we hit exhaustion on by lunch time. Well Bob did and in his usual style that meant also being wide awake with a brain on overdrive from 1-5am. We have come along way though in dealing with those long nights and so we moved Zog in with me and Mark went and slept in with Bob while he relaxed with Paddington DVDs on loop. He doesn’t make a fuss or create a battle and we have learnt that trying to get him to sleep is a futile exertion of the little energy we have at that time of night. And it will only cause further disruptions as it will trigger resistance and night terrors when sleep does come. This way Bob relaxes, and we all get sleep and then the next day he chilled at home and by Wednesday was back in fine form but as there was the lightest scattering of snow, the first we have had in a couple of years of any description there was no way anyone was going to be paying any attention and so tomorrow brings with it some more lessons.

Zog and Kanga this week have started French, their class is on a Tuesday morning so while Bob stayed at home with lego and Mark who was grading papers, I took the younger two into town to their French class. Zog was very excited by the idea of his own class and loved it till about half way through when he wanted to go home to Bob again. While they have their moments they are fantastic friends and love doing most things together. My prayer is that this friendship will deepen and strengthen as they grow.

We also decided to purchase our own copy of an animal encyclopedia we have renewed and renewed for the last 6 months from the library. The boys were delighted when it arrived in the post and it has been required bedtime reading every night since. The animal kingdom is incredible and I am loving discovering more and more about the wonderous creation around us and the creativity of our God to come up with the incredible diversity not just of different animals but the diversity within animal groupings. Spiders once dusted away now need to be looked at to work out what type it is. Ok so I would still rather dust them out but I am not allowed to as they are ‘beautiful creatures’ but so are snakes, eagles and many other animals as far as Bob is concerned though his comfort zone for many animals is the pages of his much-loved encyclopedia whereas Zog would love to go to a wildlife park or farm and actually see some of these animals in the flesh.

It has been a week for me where we have progressed through lesson plans and schedules as I am aware of what was let slip with illnesses before Christmas and want to do better on track and am still working out what this all looks like with three at home, two of whom are not yet ‘school age’. Yet Bob and increasingly Zog would be very happy for me to sit and read books with them all day long in their new castle tent, covering picture stories, novels, history and science with occasional breaks to build. Bob this week has discovered the joys of being left alone with selotape, cardboard, scissors and markers and allowed to do as he pleases. I see the way forward being a home filled with cardboard creations of all sorts stored high out of reach of sister’s destructive curious hands. It has been a week when I have felt the weight of responsibility for the choices we have made for our children and in parenting them and wishing I knew how it was all going to turn out. I do not have a crystal ball and that is a good thing. What I have now is this day that God has given me and for which He has prepared good works for me to do and I believe that within those good works is the raising of our children and for us at this point as a family that includes home learning. He has called us to be Bob, Zog and Kanga’s parents with all our strengths and failings today; and that decisions while they play a role in the future need to be made in relation to today. Jesus calls us not to worry about tomorrow, to not worry about what we will eat or wear. I need to lay down my fears and worries about how it will all turn out and live in the moment with our children and walk through this day with them, teaching them and helping them. Sometimes that living will look like structured lessons, other times curled up reading, other times on the floor playing games, other times baking with 3 extra pairs of hands, other times trying to get the bathroom cleaned from start to finish in one go or laundry put away. I have a feeling Bob is going to grasp the fact 7 = 5+2 or 2+5 and 7-5=2, 7-2=5 and that those answers will not change from the start to end of the maths lesson quicker than I will learn to lay down my fears for the future even if in the moment of teaching him I wonder otherwise and I realise how differently God and I understand the concept of time and patience.


2 comments on “reflections on our home learning 17

  1. Adele says:

    Loved this post, Roz. It’s really encouraged me, especially as we’ve just let the dealins for school applications pass us by and home ed all feels a little more real. I love that your boys are requesting an encyclopaedia as bedtime reading!! 🙂

    • Thanks Adele and am glad it encouraged you. Yes its funny how that deadline passing brings with it the realness of this journey of home learning. Just keep going at the girls pace and you will be be fine. They are still young young young. Bob would be year one this year if he was in school and there are things we are doing that would have been covered last year and other things not yet touched if he were in school. His so called reception year looked very much like any other day before that to be honest as we were already doing reading with him and he knew numbers/letters/colours etc. Kevin gave me the national targets for each year so we have them to hand if we were to ever swtich to the school system and need to know where they would need to be up to. It also helps if you do register with the LEA to know those targets so that you can talk about how they are being mroe than adequately met through what you are doing.

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