reflections on our home learning 13

Bob =  24 hour stomach bug at the start of the week.

Zog = bout number whatever of tonsilitis.

Kanga = cold and cough kindly shared with Mummy.

Mum & Dad last slept somtime last month.

My plans for our family journey through Advent in a crumpled heap while the laundry mountain was climbed.

Introduced Bob to the film of Mary Poppins having read it over the past two weeks. Great fun

Learning to embrace the children’s excitment and expectation of the season, well at least Bob’s as he returns to full health, and get the house decorated in one go.

Created two new sensory boxes to keep the boys entertained yesterday evening. Salt, peppermint and glitter in a big box with trees and trains and snow balls and snowmen alow for the re-enacting of all the Thomas The Tank Engine winter stories. Green rice with christmas decorations in another which Kanga can play with while supervisied. Time played with today 6 hours.

  •  DSCN2383 DSCN2377

One comment on “reflections on our home learning 13

  1. Adele says:

    Loving the sensory box. I want to make one too. By the way, I love these posts. It’s great having an insight into a the real life of a home educating family. Hope you all get well soon and rested ah done point! x

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