reflections on our home learning 12

As a teething 1 year old with a temp of 101, potty training, continued birthday celebrations and plumbers showing up and not showing up has impacted our week I have been stretched ever further in unstructured learning. As the start of the week saw Kanga and me revert to what felt like new born nursing patterns and a stack of new library and birthday books it has been a week for reading, drawing and character building. Bob has gone to bed every evening with a stack of paper and pencils and completed a number of pictures oftern capturing stories we have read in the day. His drawing is becoming much more complex and detailed. Writing has been practised with the number of birthday cards that have been needed to be written. Maths have revolved around the number of candles on cakes, the number of grandparents, cousins and adults coming and going for different meals and the number of cups of tea drunk. And he and I have loved reading Mary Poppins this week. I am hoping to borrow the DVD this weekend to watch with him.

Zog is now keen to identify his letters as well as numbers which he can do up to 10 both with the number and with objects. He often is keen to have his ‘folder’ down about 15 minutes before dinner time to do ‘school’ and I am learning to go with the flow as his concentration is probably only 10 minutes at a time and so I can make it work if I am willing. He has a far greater concentration span if scissors are involved and then he can keep himself entertained for hours, I just have to make sure he is not so lost in his world that he has not moved on from cutting the pile of paper I gave him to simply whatever comes to hand. The table cloth has experienced my lack of attention, though my mum would say that was nothing to the fringe I gave the newly hung curtains in our landing when I was about 4 or 5. It was a long while before I was given a pair of scissors again.

While I look forward to more solid sleep and time to be able to be more prepared in advance and return to a rhythm of more structured ‘lessons’ I feel that I am more confident of the seasons of uncertainity, that learning can and does happen in different ways and that there are no lost times when it comes to learning if books are being read and that is always going to be happening around here.


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