reflections on our home learning 8

Writing this on one of my favourite sofas, at my in laws, as we celebrate one nephew’s 2nd birthday and get to meet our newest nephew this weekend. It has been an incredibly warm sunny day for the 31st Oct and so we took our time travelling down and had a lovely lunch and run around at Lydiard Park in Swindon. Bob and I also managed to get Maths and Science in this morning before leaving as we were both awake early and made use of the early morning.  Science included an animal report on the hummingbird bringing back wonderful memories of them on our porch in Vancouver.

It was interesting to see how Bob was over the half term, entering into it tired and wrestling with self proclaimed brain mush. Simple activites such as putting socks on had become impossible. By the end of the week though he was asking for lessons again which was a real encouragement. He determined that his brain was back in gear when he was able to put his socks on again himself. Monday morning though in reality took a bit of effort for us all to get back into the swing of things. I have also found the week harder going as the time change and a teething Kanga working on her molars has impacted on the amount of sleep we have been getting or rather not getting. I have not been as well prepared for each day’s sessions which I can still deal with at this age and while Bob’s reading is not yet fluent but once he gets going fluently with his reading I am going to have to make sure I am fully prepared and ahead of the game.

With Bob gaining confidence with writing I have moved us on from tracing writing to using Writing With Ease. Week 1’s book that the exercises have been based around has been Little House in the Big Woods. Having read it as a girl I was exicted to revisit it but also apprehensive as I was unsure how the boys would take to it. I need not have feared on that front as they have totally embraced it and love to act parts out. What I had not antipcated was the whole hunting role play and fascination with Pa’s gun and traps that has followed.Fighting and guns is part of boys play that I have struggled with and so have had to wrestle with myself this week as I have been the one to introduce them to this book and that Pa’s actions are about providing meat for his family to survive the long winters. When I read the books it was never the hunting that caught my attention so I have been caught unawares at how much of the story is set around Pa and his hunting gun to which our boys have gravitated toward. It will be interesting if we find ourselves using the same material when Kanga is Bob’s age and how she would respond to the Little House books.

Tuesday at Pitville Park was a great time and pleasantly warm in contrast to the week before so Zog enjoyed the time as well. I think we might need to invest in thermals and lots of layers for him to be able to enjoy it as cold weather is something he does not like, in stark contrast to Bob who is very happy to be out and about in the wet and cold. The stream was deeper than it has been as Bob discovered but happily made his way home with squelching wet wellingtons.


This week they were exploring the sense of touch and had some home made playdough dyed with elderberries which they enjoyed. Then at our bench for hot chocolate they rolled out their dough and gathered items of nature to make faces. Well all but Bob, who, having watched the Great British Bake Off masterclass which included bread rolls, practised his knotted bread roll skills. Below is Zog’s face. He has really taken to drawing people and their faces this past week and so as well as this piece of work both sets of grandparents are being presented with portraits he has drawn of them and mounted.


All in all for the first week back after a week off it has been an encouraging week as we have got back into our stride, adjusted to the routine again and learnt all sorts of new facts and rediscovered books.


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