Meals for September

We have two weeks of summer left before we dive into a new year of learning and discovery and the everyday. The summer has been filled with a variety of days and a wonderful holiday thanks to the opportunity to house sit for friends in the lovely village of Wylam, Northumbria.

It was also to be filled with visits with cousins and family but the car has driven its final miles and we are now adapting to being a car free family and seeing how that works. We have had a wonderful visit from one of my friends from Dublin days who the boys have adopted as part of our family as ‘grown up Roo’. We have three children now on the move with healthy appetites and bounds of energy from before sunrise to bedtime. And test match commentary has provided the backdrop to our days. And so the blog has not had lots of attention but lots of deep conversations have been had face to face which have been live giving. And we sense God’s presence even if it feels more like unnerving trembles and rumblings rather than tender and gentle nudges.

I have been taking moments here and there to get homeschool material in place, very excited by our reading list for the year ahead and have also got a new monthly meal plan in place to help for the month ahead. Now to be organised and get the online shopping ordered and avoid a last minute rush as we get ready for a new season.



Sept 2014


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