Confessions V

This one is from book Vi1

Accept the sacrifice of my confessions
offered by the hand of my tongue
which You have formed and stirred up to confess your nameHeal all my bones and let them say Lord who is like You?
He who is making confession to You is not instructing You of that which is happening within him
The closed heart does not shut out Your eye,
and Your hand is not kept away by the hardness of humanity,
but You melt that when You wish, either in mercy or in punishment
and there is none who can hide from Your heat

Let my soul praise You that it may love You
and confess to Your mercies that it may praise You
Your entire creation never ceases to praise You and is never silent
So from weariness our soul rises towards You
With You is restored strength and true courage.

Even at 5.30 with two out of three children wide awake…

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