Confessions (II)

Today’s Augustine comes from him speaking to his soul in search of rest (as before I’ve used Chadwick’s translation – book IV.xi.-xii):

Do not be vain my soul.
Do not deafen your heart’s ear with the tumult of your vanity.
Even you have to listen.
The Word himself cries to you to return.
There is a place of undisturbed quietness
where love is not deserted
if it does not itself depart.

Fix your dwelling there.
Put in trust there whatever you have from him, my soul,
at least now that you are wearied of deceptions.
Entrust to the truth whatever has come to you from the truth.
You will lose nothing.
The decayed parts of you will receive a new flowering,
and all your sicknesses will be healed.
All that is ebbing away from you will be given fresh form
and renewed, bound tightly to you.
They will not put you down in the place to which they descend,
but still stand with you and will remain in the presence of God
who stands fast and abides

Stand with him and you will stand fast
Rest in him and you will be at rest
Where are you going to along rough paths?
What is the goal of your journey?
The good which you love is from him.
But it is only as it is related to him that it is good and sweet.


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