Meals for February

And as another month draws to a close here is next month’s menu plan ready for any advanced shoppers out there. We like to get a big monthly Imagestore cupboard shop done at the end of the month ready for the start of the next month hence the need for a monthly menu at this point. While we do pick up fresh fruit and vegetables weekly it is wonderful to have the delivery van roll up on the last Thursday of the month and bring everything else to our door.


Feb 2014

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4 comments on “Meals for February

  1. georgie says:

    i don’t seem to be able to see the menu am I being thick? x

  2. georgie says:

    Ok so I am on the Home page and the current heading is the Meals for February one, with an introductory blurb and that’s it. There is a side menu on the right of the page Recent Posts, Archives, Categories, Meta. Under meta there is an option to Register so perhaps I need to Register to see the link to the actual Meals list. I’ll try that.

  3. georgie says:

    Nope that didn’t help I’m afraid! over to you 🙂

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