thought for the day

It is for us that the LORD is a wall of fire, and glory in our midst.  He protects us in the midst of all dangers and fears.  And yet we still suffer, we still await the final completion of this promise. The day when the new Jerusalem comes down out of heaven as a bride dressed for her husband.  The day when the LORD will make all things new.  When all tears will be wiped away, and death will be no more.  On that day the Lamb will sit on the throne, and we will see his face.

Until that day we live in the confused, confusing world of Zechariah’s day. As God’s people doing God’s will, but feeling tiny, despised and small perhaps, as if our obedience is hollow and pointless. But Zechariah reminds us that it might look like the time of small things, but that small obedience is not to be despised. We may find that actually our small obedience is a seed for something unimaginable to come.  Zechariah reminds that God brings about his rule “not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit”, by the Spirit of the LORD God of hosts. “God of angel armies”, “God all powerful”.  What he has said, he will do.


And yes if you think you have already just read these words you would be correct. I was reading through Mark’s post on Zechariah from last night and these words struck a deep cord. Espeically the words of small obedience, as I tink about what God is asking of me at the moment.  So thankful to be married to Mark and the blessing he provides for our family by being able to open up scripture to us and to show us God.


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