Some fun with homeschool over the first five weeks

Maths and baking, history, numbers, sewing and engineering, to name but a few of the activites we have been getting up too. Along with the joy of the youngest discovering jigsaws and the hours of entertainment to be had with them.




Christmas cake is now tucked away awaiting December.


Place the Penguins on the number chart


Having decided to join me in sewing eldest went off for 20 minutes and built his own machine, which he developed and improved while sitting beside me and watching me sew.



History inspired by Goodrich castle



And learning about firemen and fire engines. Still waiting to find an answer to why fire engines at airports (certainly in books ) all seem to be green. Have written to our local airport fire dept but no one has replied yet.


We added red duct tape to reinforce it and that seems to have done the job in making it hold up to two keen firemen in full action.




6 comments on “Some fun with homeschool over the first five weeks

  1. Circus Queen says:

    AMAZING, Roz. This is so cool! I can’t believe how organised you are with your Christmas cake already sorted. Hopefully the airport fire department get back to you soon – how could they not? Home ed never looked so good.

  2. Jenn says:

    Oh my goodness, if only we didn’t live thousands of miles away and across an entire ocean — we could have a co-op — Calum would LOVE to be schooled with your boys! Looks awesome.

  3. Alan Gaston says:

    Loved the photos. Education can be such fun with little boys!


  4. Agreed Alan. So long as we have an endless stream of cardboard, duct tape and duplo/lego most topics can it seem be covered! And loved seeing your updated pics yesterday of a fantastic family.

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