Bed time conversations with a four year old

This evening bedtime has been less than a smooth process but eventually eldest shared that he was sad about Noah and Elisabeth; his sister and brother we never got to hold.

Just as he was concerned that Jonathan would not be born he now has lots of doubts that this little one is going to be as the time gets closer to her actual due date. He has been asking why did Noah and Elisabeths’ cells not form properly and can we be sure this little one will be healthy.

So in an attempt to help him journey through these fears we talked about how they are with God now and that we would be able to see them again when we go to be with God at which his face lit up. Along with talking we have encouraged him to draw pictures so he is busy drawing pictures of them happily playing in God’s house which needs no bedrooms as God does not sleep and on a boat.  And apparently God is circular as He has no legs so has no ‘straight parts’ and Jesus does have ‘straight parts’ as He has legs like us and he is not sure how to include the Holy Spirit who is everywhere so how does one draw Him into a picture.

So friends we would ask if you would cover both our boys in prayer as we draw closer to our due date and especially for our eldest who has not forgotten Noah and Elisabeth and has all sorts of questions and sadness and fears mixed in with the excitement of having a sister due. The other day he told me that God was good to him as He had given him a new brother and sister even though he never got to hold his first two siblings.



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