thought for the day

Amos 4

12 “Therefore thus I will do to you, O Israel;
because I will do this to you,
prepare to meet your God, O Israel!”

How often is the verse “prepare to meet your God” shown out of context on sandwich boards or train station adverts, or on the lips of hellfire preachers?  In context it is addressed to the people of God who are in danger of coming under God’s judgement  despite repeated warnings (look at the rest of Amos 4 for a list of God’s warnings).   Prepare to meet your God is a warning of God’s judgement, but also a gracious invitation to (as Amos 5 goes on to appeal) “seek God and live”.  Or as James 4:7 puts it “Come near to God, and he will come near to you” (Thanks to our Colin Buchanan CD I can recite chapter and verse!)

May we come  near to God this day and know real life in the midst of whatever life throws  at us.


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