thought for the day

1 John 3:1-7

Today’s passage is one that is going to require more study, to get Mark to take me through the Greek. The tenses don’t work for me in English to say what I want it to say. It starts with such a great encouragement of God’s lavish love on us His children. But then John goes on to speak of those in Christ sinning no more, that if we sin we have not seen or known him. I cannot smooth these words out in any way. I claim to know Him. I say I love Him but I also sin. I know I am forgiven, I know I can seek repentance, but I still sin. And I cannot smooth these words out to say what I want them to say that though I sin but because I know the cross I know Him, to say that my sin is part of the reality of a broken world but I can rest assured that I can still say I know Him. There are great words in and around but these words but these words sit uncomfortably with me. But that does not mean I ignore them or read them as I want to read them. It means that today I need to do some more reading, asking questions and digging deeper.

Let us not be afraid to have days when we raise our hands and say we don’t understand, to ask questions. And let us not just bursh over the hard passages and pick and chose the nice parts. Let us read God’s word with integrity and faithfulness and honesty.


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