thought for the day

John 21:15-19

Jesus speaking to Peter about feeding His lambs.

Peter does not understand why Jesus keeps asking him as He knows all things and I suspect it is rather close to the bone in regard to his 3 denials. But Jesus is about restoration and true restoration only happens when wounds are cleaned out by entereing into them. Wiping the unbroken skin around a dirty cut is not going to help the cut heal. It hurts in the moment but the long term benefits are worth it.

Jesus though He knows all things does not plow on assuming that people are with Him. They need to answer His call. We are not puppets at the end of a string, but people who are called and have the freedom to answer.

Have you a wound that you are ashamed of, frightened of? Let Jesus in.

Have you heard Him call? How will you answer Jesus?


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