thought for the day

Luke 24 – Peter runs to the tomb.

The women have come back and spoken to the apostles and given their account of events at the tomb that morning but the apostles do not believe them. Understandably. Its not what anyone was expecting. The only time they had seen someone come out alive from a tomb was when Jesus was on the other side. But this time He was the one lying dead inside the barricaded tomb.

Peter went though, was it because something stirred in him and he wondered if they spoke truth or did he want to prove that their words were nonsense? We are not told. But we are told that he went and he too saw the empty tomb with the linen lying neatly to the side. But no body.

When we hear the words of God spoken let us be like Peter. Don’t worry if it is because you want to silence the voice or have been stirred and hopeful.¬† Let us look for ourselves so that we can see the truth for ourselves and wonder at the work of God. Let us not simply ignore it because it does not make sense at first.

May this season of Easter be one of wonder and joy and discovery at the life God has laid before us.


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