thought for the day

Luke 23 Jesus being laid in the tomb.

It is the day inbetween. Not that Jesus’ followers knew that. We read the accounts knowing that death is not the end of the story.

The women who had followed Jesus after His death had gone home and prepared spices and perfumes to place on His body. But they waited as Sabbath was about to begin and they could not prepare His body on that day.

We are not good with waiting, with inbetween times. We want to get on with projects, with our day. We do not want to wait. We have more important things to be doing than waiting, We have things to do rather than simply sitting. Though we often do not sit, we walk up and down impatiently, we huff and puff at the inconvience of waiting, of being held up.

But God was not to be rushed. He went with the rhythm He had set in place from the beginning. On the 7th day God saw all that He had done and was pleased and He rested from His work. The stumbling block between us and Him had been dealth with on the cross but He was not to be rushed. He was not delaying. He knew we needed to sit and ponder. To learn to sit inbetween times and remember, to hold out hope. To lay things aside and let the magnitude of what had just happen sit there.


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