thought for the day

Mark 15:25-39

It is not just any day. It is the pinnacle of Jesus’ earthly ministry. It is Good Friday. The day we hear that judgement has been passed and look up in wonder and confusion and shock as we realise that not us but Jesus is the one walking out to face the wrath of God. 

As our eldest puts it, it is the day when Jesus takes our bad things so we can have room for His good things. We can have room for Ressurection Sunday. 

As we sit at the foot of the cross today let us not be quick to pass judgement on those hurling insults. We too were in the dock and have been shown mercy.

God shows mercy and compassion on those whom He shows mercy and compassion.

Today let us walk away from the dock humbled. Thankful that we have been shown mercy and compassion; remembering that there was One, His own Son on whom His wrath was poured. God’s mercy and compassion is not cheap. God’s mercy and compassion are not without justice being done.  Because sin needs to be dealt with. And it is, on the cross, in and through His Son, Jesus. 




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