thought for the day

Luke 22:39-53 – Jesus on the Mount of Olives

‘Father if you are willing take this cup from me, yet not my will but yours.’

I find huge comfort and confidence in these few words Jesus says. They speak to me most deeply about His humanity and obedience within that humanity. His death is not some supernatural event that because of his divinity was not actually as bad as it might be. He meets his death fully human. He knows it will hurt, hurt both physically and deep within his heart as He is pulled apart from His Father from whom He has only known love. But He also knows and trusts His Father’s  way and so obeys and accepts the pain he must suffer.

Sadly all to often I look at the cross and a part of me goes ‘but its different for Him, He knows He is going to be raised again, its not final.’ But this morning these words dug themselves deep into my inner being and reminded me that the events ahead of Jesus were ones He entered into in the fullness of time, in real time and fully experienced.

He paid the fullest price for me, for me who doesn’t even get it. For me who thinks that its not so bad, (shows how little I understand my sinful nature). And He wasn’t led like a puppet into it all. He obeyed, He choose to accept.

Lord forgive me and let this Easter sing deep inside my soul that I will get both the depth of Good Friday and the everlasting joy of Ressurection Sunday.



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