thought for the day

Phil 3:4-14

Paul speaks of the things that he once held dear, as important, as the source of his identity and confidence in life and how those things were turned upside down on coming face to face with Christ.

It is a passage which always challenges me in light of the privileges that I have been given along the way in life and the opportunities that I have had. Do I invest more in them than in Christ? Are they were I seek my identity? This is especially true for me while Mark studies for his PhD and I am at home. 9 days out of 10 I love being home and would not change but I also love studying. And at times my identity is misplaced. Rather than being in Christ both when I have studied and in being at home I have formed my identity in that present moment and therefore it goes up and down with how things are going and is utterly unreliable or trustworthy and at times paralises me from getting on with things.

May I today remember that for Mark and I our identity is in Christ whether we are studying or at home, whether we are looking into the day refreshed and replenished with sleep or wondering what happened to the idea of sleep at night. May our identity remain steady on the rock of Christ whatever life gives us rather than being formed in the moment of situations, ever changing.


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