thought for the day

Matthew 6 : Don’t worry about life.

I can take on board not worrying about clothes but when I look around and see many people around the world lacking food I struggle with these words. If we mean more to God than the sparrows then why are so many without basics such as food and clean water? No wonder God gets sidelined by many if He is not seemingly living up to His word. But as I read these words this morning I wonder rather that God does not need to act to defend His name or reputation to us. That He has given some of us much and to those of us that much has been given much will be required. He has invited us to be co workers with Him. So maybe then the question lies with me and how I see and value others and what am I doing to ensure others have food and clean water.  God does not need to defend Himself but a day will come when I need to give account of myself to Him.


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