thought for the day

Matthew 6:9-18

 It is the question of forgiveness that Jesus brings out from the prayer He teaches the dsicples. It is also a part of the prayer that often stnads out for me. For the most part we are asking God to act and provide. In this part we are asking Him to forgive as we forgive. How often have I skipped over the word ‘as we’. To be honest it often means God has little to do for me as forgiveness is not something that comes easily or something I have regarded as a concious act on my part. And it reflects my attitidue of taking for granted the cross without the cost.  Marriage has made helped me see the importance of forgiveness as we have sought to life out Eph 4 ‘with all humility, gentleness, with patience bearing with one another in love, making every effot to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace’.  Forgiveness flows from our understanding of the cross and God’s work of grace. Which means I need to be rooted in the Easter story, to not get stuck on Good Friday but to live in the light of Easter Sunday and the ressurection. To recieve and accept someone else’s repentance and to extend life and restored relationship with them and in turn know God’s forgiveness and walk with Him.


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