thought for the day

Luke 4:14-22

Jesus reads from Isaiah in the synagogue. And I am left with the question of why do we so often ask God what does He want us to do? Jesus speaks of proclaiming good news to the poor, freedom for prisoners, recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free and proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour. Why would God have us do different things if this is His mission, if this is His way of redeeming His people? We are partakers, co workers with Him in this. So the question we need to ask is ‘how and where is God wanting us to be in this work?’

Poor is not simply those who financianlly are poor, but those who are poor in spirit, poor in opportunities, in education, in love. Prisoners are not just those in jail for crimes, but those trapped in poverty, housebound through illness, slavery.
Bllndness not just of eye sight but of truth, cycles of bad choices and tempermant.
Oppressed through poverty, illness and misunderstood, slavery, closed doors to education, prisoners punished and not given help to change, through the selfish actions of others.
Proclaiming the day of the Lord’s favour is taking the burdensome yoke off another and giving them rest, setting them free.

There are so many varied ways we can all be involved in this work so let us not ask what does God want of us but asking Him how and where He wants us involved in this work that pinnacles in taking the burdensome yoke off another person and setting them free to be themselves.

This is hard, this means coming alongside others, others whom I may have nothing at the surface in common with and getting involved in the messiness of life. Especially when I am reminded that much will be asked of those who have much. While I often play the studen budget card the reality is our family is rich in so many ways, the very fact that we can spend time studying to the levels we are, to the wealth of education options we have for our boys. We freely entered into this time of study. We may have the ups and downs of bugs but that is because we are free to be out and about and mix with others and are not isolated. So even in the every day bugs can we be thankful.The education, opportunites and resources we have at our finger tips means we can make choices that both help us and others but if we are not attentive to those choices we can add to the oppression, poverty, and imprisonment of others.


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