thought for the day

John 2:1-11 Wedding at Cana

This is the first sign Jesus has done that reveals His glory. I find it easy to draw meaning from it when I look at alongside all the other signs and the fuller story. But when He turned the water into wine, those disciples who were following Him had only been doing so for a few days. And they put their faith in Him. I am not so sure I would have? I might be impressed, I might be skeptical but I am wrestling to see this sign on its own as one to put my faith in Him. Whenever I come to understand it I realise it is always in context of the bigger story which we have with hindsight so to speak, but not as one who was there with little context to go on.

 I also wrestle certainly with the way this story is expressed in the English in the way Jesus not for the first time speaks to his mum. I find it curt and abrupt and it does not sit comfortably with me and I suspect hinders me from seeing this first sing of Jesus revealing His glory. But it is not the first and will not be the last time when His ways and my ways are going to bristle against each other.

So for now I try to let go of the bigger story and see His care for others in this and that He offers the best so that the bridgeroom is not shamed and that he is sovereing over all things.


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