thought for the day

Acts 19:1-7 Where Paul speaks to the people at Ephesus about the Holy Spirit.

The people at Ephesus had only been aware of baptism of repentance but had not heard of the Holy Spirit. How often even when we have heard of the Holy Spirit do we side line Him and try and walk in the way of repentance in our own strength?  We speak often of forgiving but of not being able to forget and getting ourselves in knots over these two words. I wonder though if that is because we act as if we do not have God’s Spirit within us. We are called to forgive but no where are we asked to forget. Yes let go and not hold a grudge but not forget. So I wonder if then we have truly forgiven? And if this is something we grapple with then maybe we need to go back and ask ourselves if we have heard and are allowing the work of the Holy Spirit within us to forgive in a way that lets us walk forward. And I ponder and think what this might mean for me if I was to bring before the cross with the Holy Spirit all those things that supposedly have been forgiven that are niggling under the surface.


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