thought for the day

Mark 1.

John speaks of a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sin and of One who is to come after who baptises with the Holy Spirit. They seem as if they are two polar opposite actions, water being an every day commodity that we use without a second thought and the Holy Spirit who is greater than us and in us and beyond us.  I am struck by the earthiness, the everydayness of John’s baptism with water of repentance. Not that we need to be baptised daily in one sense, but there is a need day by day to walk in the way of repentance and forgiveness. That every day walking though is only posssible with Christ’s baptism, with the Holy Spirit who strengthens and spurs us on day by day in the everydayness of life. The two are not polar opposites but a necessary pairing where our repentance is often brought about by the work of the Spirit and walking in the way of repentance and forgiveness enables us to be aware of the work of the Spirit more clearly.


One comment on “thought for the day

  1. Alan Gaston says:

    Really appreciated what you had to say today. Very relevant to me in a particular situation at the moment. Thanks – again!!

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