thought for the day


As I was reading Titus 3 this morning I was reminded of other words from the Bible, to set my eyes on things above, on that which is pure and as I read Titus I was shown what those things are that so I often I neglect with my eyes fixed on me and my circumstances instead.

Titus 3:4-7 speaks of God’s character of kindness and love from which His mercy flows to save us through His Son. Of His abundant pouring out of His Holy Spirit that renews us. And of His grace that justifies us enabling us to become heirs with the hope of eternal life. 

These words give me a very different outlook on my day than when I think of another less than solid night sleep which does nothing to renew and refresh me, my selfish desire, justified by so called ‘righteous desires’  to be able to wake up and start the day in peace, reading my Bible and praying rather than straight into referring boys and toys, nappies & toilet matters and knowing there will be no peace now till bedtime and counting the hours and minutes till it. The idea of eternal life stands in sharp contrast to the count down to bedtime and sleep right now but its one I want to hold onto rather than hide under the duvet again.


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