thought for the day

Titus 2
“For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people. It teaches us to say no to…….while we wait for the blessed hope.”

All to often I think of salvation as something that comes into effect on the day of Judgement, but God’s grace which offers that salvation teaches me in the waiting how to live out life that has and is being redeemed and purified. Salvation does not mean I can do as I please now but neither am I left alone to work out how to live in the waiting. God’s grace teaches me to walk in self control, to be upright and eager to do good. Am I willing this year to let myself be taught by God’s grace, to humble myself to His ways and let Him teach me how to live in the waiting? Remembering His ways are not my ways and so the waiting may look different to what I think. Too often I read self controlled and upright as boring, dull, socially acceptable, confined but with God leading life is far from dull. Self control is needed to deal with my sin not confine me to drudgery and to help me understand my place in God’s great story.


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