September Family Update

Slightly belated update for last month and being written at a rather early hour of the day due to a 3 year old and his cough.

The month began with a lovely visit from my brother and his wife and two daughters. It was great to spend an extended time with them. Though the girls are older than our boys they get on so well that it meant we had lots of time for grown up conversations as well.

We also visited Mark’s side of the family for a weekend of celebrating. Firstly on the Saturday we had a prayer shower for Mark’s sister as she and her husband are due their first baby later this month. Then on the Sunday we celebrated Mark’s parents Ruby Anniversary. It was lovely to catch up with family for the weekend, but the return journey did seem strange as the journey home has normally required a 10 hour flight and a week of jet lag and this time it was just a 2 1/2 hour car journey and remaining within the same time zone, but it did make us all homesick for Vancouver. Image

Boys wise, Matthew has started preschool for 3 afternoons a week which is going relatively well. He prefers the rainbow room over the sunshine room as it is the library and his teacher’s comments are always about his attentiveness and focus when its story time. Starting preschool in a new country means its also its intensive cold season and we are on cold number 2. I seem to be able to avoid his generous sharing of germs but Mark and Jonathan have picked them up and as this cold includes a dry tickly cough our house has not very quiet, especially at night. Matthew is settling really well into Sunday School and loves to help with the telling of the stories. Its great as the format is the same as he was used to at Tenth and so he feels confident and comfortable in the group and happily goes off on his own. Matthew also got glasses this month, due to being long sighted in one eye and short sighted in the other. He is doing reasonably well with wearing them and we have only had to go back twice to have them repaired. We had a family dental appointment recently and were slightly taken back when he told us that Matthew already had 5 wobbly teeth, with the level of movement he would have expected of a 5 year old. We lost plenty of sleep over these teeth and I would like to think they were going to last a little bit longer than this.

Jonathan is growing and into everything with as much gusto and demonstrative love as he is able to muster in his 10 month old body. After a season of deciding to only nurse rather than eat food, particularly if I was present, we are now reaping the harvest of Mark’s intensive work having taken a few days off studies to get him back on track. Sleep is still not a full unbroken night but it is far better than it has been and we are feeling more human again than we did in the middle of September.  He loves all things that have buttons, cables, plugs and corners of the house that he gets into and we say no to. I also am coveting those kitchens with high ceilings that have clothes racks on pulleys so wet clothes can be hung up and put out of reach. There is nothing he loves more than to pull all the wet laundry down for me or emptying the laundry basket on top of Matthew in the bath, which of course Matthew encourages once we have said the word ‘no Jonathan.’ Toys are definitely not high on his radar of interest. If it is not something that Mummy and Daddy do not do or use it is of no interest. He still loves the sling and to be carried but that is becoming a major risk especially if he is on my back and I cannot fully gage his reach. More than once I have opened the fridge to get things out only to have him with great speed remove and drop all items sitting on the shelves of the fridge door.

Mark and I are doing well, trying hard to make time for ourselves as a couple and keep our dates nights though some nights that means fifteen minutes of kid free time. Studies are going well so far for Mark and he is enjoying getting back into a rhythm of study. I am adapting to a very different rhythm of being at home as we are no longer living in the same amazing community we have been used to but we are slowly making connections with other families through preschool and music class and church. We are still deciding between homeschooling and school for Matthew for next year and based on the first 2 out of 4 schools we are visiting homeschooling is favourable but the 3rd school would be ideal, but because of how school places are allocated it is highly unlikely we will get a place as it is in the next village over. We  apply in November and then will not hear until April so we will not know till then which route we are going down.

And so ordinary time moves on and the days grow shorter and evenings close in but God remains faithful in all the ups and downs of life. Image


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