thought for the day

Numbers 13 and the report back to Moses and Aaron of the land ahead of them. The men spread a bad report through the people about the land for they are afraid and do not want to go up and take the land.

This has challenged me in a variety of ways. Firstly how I must check both the words I speak and the words I use on FB and email. How easy it is to spread words that pull down, discourage and take peoples eyes off God.

It also challenges me about my faith in God and confidence of what He is doing in my life and what He has called us too. Eyes off Him can make the next 3 years seem impossible but through Him and His ways which are not my ways He will bring us and lead us in ways that are good for us.

So I need to check that I am looking at the map of the countryside ahead of us with the One who has called us here and to ensure that each day He is the One leading us and step out in confidence of His calling on the days when the mist and cloud cover has rolled in as well as on the clear sunny days.


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