Family update

It is hard to believe we have been back in the UK for 4 weeks and 1 day. Life in Canada in one sense seems another lifetime ago and yet it is also the backdrop to all that we has a family of 4 know in so many ways. We are closer to family, catching up with long held friendships but day to day life was in Vancouver and we formed so many very dear friendships there.

Last night was also our first decent nights sleep from the boys which goes along way to how we see the world when we wake/get up in the morning.

As some of you already know Mark this week accepted an offer to do PhD work in Cheltenham. So this Friday Mark and I are headed through to Gloucester to find somewhere to life. We have about 6 or 7 houses to look at lined up. The two towns are only a few miles apart but significantly cheaper rent in Gloucester. Mark will be able to cycle or get the train. So God willing we will have a potential home sorted by Friday evening and then we will look to move as soon as we can. It is about 2 to 2 1/2hr drive from both sets of parents.

It has been a wonderful gift of grace and generosity for Nana and Grandad to have us stay for an indefinite time over the summer while we find our feet and they have with grace sacrificed their peace and quiet and allowed life with two small boys to tumble all over the place. It will be fun though to find our own home and gather all our belongings from here and there and be able unpack and set up home. This will be the first time Mark and I have set up our own home from the start together as Mark moved into the home I already owned when we got married and student accommodation was second home.

Thank you for those who have prayed for this time of adjustment, time is giving way to a greater sense of calm though we are aware that this upcoming move will also bring with it disruption to the boys again but we will be able to settle and put down roots which will be good for all of us. Our holiday in Cornwall was a blessing and gave us time away from everything to really pour our time and focus on the boys and they are clearly happier for it.

We have not travelled otherwise but spent our time on catching up with both sides of the family which has been wonderful. Hopefully once we have got settled in Gloucester we will get to see more of our UK friends either in our new home or visiting them. And for those living further afield our hope is to find a home with a guest bedroom so please do come and visit.


Well it is ordinary time in the church calendar and while we seem to be journeying through a season of significant changes there is still plenty of ordinary time events taking place in the every day moments of life, lots of story books, snacks, tickles, games in the garden, craft projects, answering the question ‘where is my…? – on the boat” so many times a day, and for littlest one his 6 month shots, (which he would normally get in the UK at 4 months), this afternoon.

Ordinary time is usually something I take little notice of but this year with all the changes going on for us I found the start of ordinary time oddly reassuring that even in the midst of big there are still little things going on and God is in the the details as well as the big things and that ordinary time this year has brought me a gift of freedom to rest in His grace and just life in the moment rather than trying to get all the  big decisions sorted and right in one go.

So for now i rest in all of the ordinary that today holds and allow Friday to hold the possibility of a new home.


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